Book a handpoke tattoo with me!


I am a handpoke tattoo artist in Chicago in my second year of tattooing professionally. Booking with me will help me grow and build my tattoo practice.

I have taken an extensive online hand poke tattooing course and I have my OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training Certificate.


You can see my availability and book a tattoo with me here:

Book a tattoo


Flash designs can be found on my instagram @tatdroool in the FLASH highlight. In the booking form, you will be asked to specify the flash design you want.

I do not repeat most flash, and I do not reserve flash, but I am happy to modify flash designs that have already been tattooed.


I am always open to doing custom tattoos. If you would like to book an appointment for a custom tattoo, please reach out to be at, and tell me about your idea and budget.


There is a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. It goes toward the final cost of your tattoo. If you reschedule, you do not need to pay another deposit.


Sometimes things come up and that's ok! If I need to reschedule, I'll try to give you as much notice as I can, and if you need to reschedule for any reason, it's ok. Let me know via email, or simply reschedule via the link in your confirmation email.


I prefer payment in cash if it's feasible. If not, I accept all other forms of payment (Credit Card, Venmo, Zelle.)

My rates are time-based, and my minimum is 120. Your tattoo cost will be dependent on how long it takes from the time you get there til the time you leave. In the booking form, there is a place to tell me if you have a budget you are trying to stay within.

I offer a 20% discount to repeat clients!


Tattoos are long term pieces of art and I want your tattoo to look amazing forever. You can book a touch-up with me for free here. You can also book me for another tattoo and get an old one touched up during that appointment.


Tipping is optional, of course, but always appreciated! Tipping can be monetary but doesn't need to be! Other forms of tips include: art you've made, a book you love, snacks. :)


Your feedback is important to me. If you've gotten a tattoo with me, I'd love if you'd share some feedback with me via this form. As a thank-you you will receive a code for 40% off my online art shop upon completion.

My philosophy

Tattooing is an incredible honor for me. It feels very special to put my art on your body forever, and I do not take that lightly.

Your comfort during the tattoo is just as important to me as the tattoo's final image. I will check in with you throughout the tattoo, and I hope that you would tell me what you need throughout the process.

If there is anything I can offer you to make the experience better, do not hesitate to reach out and tell me.