An art show by Catdroool about trauma, gender, expression, and clothing.

Opening Night

Monday, May 15
7 PM – 11 PM

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Closing Night

Saturday, May 20
7 PM – 11 PM

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Q&A and Acoustic Set with Sima

Thursday, May 18
6 PM – 9 PM

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‘What Was She Wearing?’ asks the question of how clothing is used as weapon, control, and expression.

‘What Was She Wearing?’ as a weapon has been used to place blame and guilt on survivors of gender-based violence, specifically sexual assault, and it has been used as a tool to rationalize abusers’ behavior. The first part of this project puts this false and violent rationale on display.

‘What Was She Wearing?’ assumes gender by asking what she was wearing. Gender was created as a means of control and it situates the body in relation to power. It tells people how we can be treated and what we deserve. Clothing has the power to reinforce this control and power over our bodies without our consent.

‘What Was She Wearing?’ as an invitation explores how we can challenge these hateful notions and repurpose personal use of clothing as a means of safety, comfort, and expression. The world will see us how they want, but how might we find joy through dressing authentically as ourselves?

What Was She Wearing?

"What Was She Wearing?" was my first solo show at Color Club Gallery May 15 – 20, 2023. The work is about trauma, gender, expression, and clothing.